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In the sharing economics era, platform modes have become much more prevalent as information and communication technologies (ICT) have made it easier to build marketplaces for providing individuals, corporations, non-profits and governments with information that enables the optimization of resources through the redistribution, sharing and reuse of excess capacity in goods and services. There are many new organizations around us that practice the platform model, for instance, Airbnb and Uber. These organizations seem much more like associations of independent professionals and companies that connect to customers through a common platform. Furthermore, each association acts like a conglomeration in the ability of empowering its associated professionals and companies to deliver services independently while enforcing consistency in order to build its brand. Over the platform, there are a collaborative consumption phenomenon in which participants share access to products or services, rather than having individual ownership, and a common premise that when information about goods is shared (typically via an online marketplace), the value of those goods may increase for the business, for individuals, for the community and for society in general. In sum, the platform should embed with a profit splitting model that benefits all associated professionals and companies. This study use the new platform set up by the Tripbaa to explore the profit splitting model. In brief, around the world, there are more than 0.1 billion Destinations Tourism that want (1) the pleasure of exploring the tourism destination, (2) the free, convenient, and instant travel, and (3) the share of travel inspiration. The Tripbaa tries to fill in the demand gap to become the top brand for Chinese Destinations Tourism around the world. To accomplish this, the Tripbaa sets up a platform that connects FIT to professional tour guides. The Tripbaa platform also provides a one-stop FIT service with customized itinerary, charter, accommodation, and so on. With a well-established platform, the Destinations Tourism tour arrangement is integrated into the smart tourism and becomes much easier. The Tripbaa platform also provides a profit splitting model that attracts all strategic partners, including professional tour guides, charters, accommodation providers, and travel agents.

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