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Mobile advertising is the fastest-growing format in the digital advertising market along with the rapid proliferation of mobile devices. Among various types of mobile advertising, app install advertising is said to be the driving force of this growth. Since mobile app markets, such as Google Play and Apple App Store, hardly provide the function for discovery of new apps or the recommendation of the right apps for users, app install advertising is considered an essential tool for making new apps stand out among the millions of apps in mobile app markets. Some studies have shown that users' skepticism toward advertising, defined as the tendency toward disbelief of advertising claims has influence on advertising effectiveness. Other studies also have examined effects of users' dispositions such as prior brand attitudes, demographics and lifestyles, and product involvement. In addition, incentivizing app users, that is rewarding users for interacting with or responding to advertising in their mobile apps can also influence their response to advertising. The present study showed the positive relation of consumers' personality traits and consumption experience to their ad skepticism against app install advertising. The influence of consumers' ad skepticism on their response to advertising (app download intention) as well as the moderating effects of reward were also investigated.