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Well-designed Websites are critical to the success of E-commerce. However, many websites does not show satisfactory level of usage. The construction, assessment, and improvement all are essential for the work of design. Most of the studies in the related literature only focus on one of them. There is lack of a framework to integrate them into a complete cycle. One central work is to validate the Web design to ensure to meet the design requirements and performance goal. In this paper, we propose an integrated framework based on concepts of transformation of system development process and formulation of design requirement. The validation of Web site level, similar to compiling and running time check, to authenticate design structure and anticipated performance. The research depicts a systematic and structural way to integrate the work of construction, assessment, and improvement for the design of Web. The integrated approach offers a complete-cycle framework on a continuous improvement basis. The research also sheds the light on several potential research topics to further explore interesting and sophisticated Web issues.