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The Internet of Things (IoT) might yield many benefits and can be transformative in nature, yet has been given scant attention in e-commerce literature. The IoT describes a situation whereby physical objects are connected to the Internet and are able to communicate with, and identify themselves to other devices. These devices generate a huge amount of data. When it is possible to combine data from devices and other systems, new insights may be created which may provide important benefits to e-commerce. The duality of technology predicts that the accomplishment of benefits might also cause risks. In this paper we conduct a systematic review of literature to create an overview of perceived benefits and risks of IoT. The results confirm the duality that IoT has a variety of expected political, strategic, tactical and operational benefits as well as interrelated risks attached to its adoption. However, risks regarding the adoption of IoT also occur at all levels. Accomplishment of benefits requires that possible risks need to be mitigated in concert.