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As a kind of information diffusing channel, online targeted advertising, which can accurately deliver the commercial information to the audiences from specific hobbies and interests, actual demand and attitude of tendency by analyzing the trail of their internet using, shows an obvious effect. Meanwhile, with the development of the concept and technology of the CLOUD, more comprehensive and accurate data analysis of targeted advertising has been made into practice. This research makes a calm thinking on the online targeted advertising from the focus of criticism. It expounds the protection of individual privacy from the focus of public sphere constructing, the advantages and disadvantages of consumerism from the focus of cultural study and the construction of political, economic and cultural system in benign society from the focus of Political Economy of Communication. At last, under focus of cultural imperialism, the research expounds issues of online targeted advertising in the area of international economic development and intercultural communication. All these works are based on the expectation of the balance between the commercial logic and cultural logic.