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Xiaoping Li, Sichuan University, China,

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In recent years, the business model has become more and more concerned, and both the academic and business circles are aware of its importance. This paper analyzes and classifies the business model of e-commerce enterprises, as well as refines the e-commerce enterprise performance index. In this paper, the data of 22 e-commerce companies listed in the United States are collected. The classification indicators of e-commerce business model include target market, business pattern and asset structure. Through the combination of three categories of indicators, the selected 22 companies are divided into 10 categories. And the performance of e-commerce enterprises is measured by profitability indicators, operating efficiency indicators and growth potential indicators. Through the one-way ANOVA, it is found that the business model of electronic business company has caused the difference of business performance to some extent, and the influence of different dimensions of performance is also diverse.