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Piyo Piyo, yellow duck, from Cayman Tung Ling Industrial Co., Ltd. is not unfamiliar to those who were born in the 70’s and 80’s, merchandise and toys of the brand are their childhood memories. Tung Ling’s Piyo Piyo was found in 1988, over the years, it has over 400 retail branches around the world; however, in this Internet prospered 21st era, even an old brand, such as Tung Ling needs to use its advantages to elevate itself from competitions, especially in e-commerce field. One of the major tasks for Tung Ling is to build and develop a method for e-commerce, and the founder of the company listed this effort as one of the ten key accomplishments within the next 10 years; moreover, it will have more professionals and active discussions regarding the matter in order to thrive in web commerce.