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Despite the increasing attention paid to the information quality of mobile enterprise systems, it is still not clear how they affect job performance. This study examines mobile enterprise systems (MES) to explain how organizational workers’ perceived job performance is increased from both the organizational agility and their habitual use and mobility, while also investigating the role of information quality of MES; quality, structure, and richness. Based on the literature on agility, habitual behavior, and information quality, we proposed a comprehensive research model. Based on a large-scale survey from employees who use MES in their workplace across industries, our finding suggest that both market agility and operational agility are positively associated with perceived job performance, and such agilities are positively associated with users’ habitual use and mobility. More importantly, we also found that information quality, structure, and richness of MES are positively associated with users’ habitual use and mobility. The present findings provide us with a deeper understanding of how organizational workers utilize MES and how informational characteristics of MES affect users’ behavior and organizational agility. We discuss the implications for research and practice.

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