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Transportation imposes considerable cost on goods and has a significant influence on competitive advantage of a company. How to reduce the costs and improve the profit of a company is an important issue. Vehicle routing is a critical factor in reducing transportation costs. Finding optimal vehicle routes offers great potential to efficiently manage fleets, reduce costs and improve service quality. An effective scheme to manage fleets and determine vehicle routes for delivering goods is important for carriers to survive. In the existing literature, a variety of vehicle routing problems (VRP) have been studied. However, most papers do not integrate with GIS. In this paper, we consider a variant of VRP called Vehicle Routing Problem with Arbitrary Pickup and Delivery points (VRPAPD). The goal of this paper is to develop an algorithm for VRPAPD based on Google Maps API. To achieve this goal, we propose an operation model and formulate an optimization problem. In our problem formulation, we consider a set of goods to be picked up and delivered. Each goods has a source address and a destination address. The vehicles to transport the goods have associated capacities, including the maximal weight a vehicle can be carried and the maximal distance a vehicle can travel. The problem is to minimize the routes for picking up and delivering goods. The emerging Google Maps API provides a convenient package to develop an effective vehicle routing system. In this paper, we develop a vehicle routing algorithm by combining a discrete particle swarm optimization (DPSO) method with Google Maps API. We illustrate the effectiveness of our algorithm by an example.