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Social media is changing health care interaction between individuals and health care community. Little research has been conducted on knowledge brokering activity that helps patients in their health care management. This paper presents an exploratory study which aims to examine a conceptual model to analyse knowledge brokering activity conducted on social media platform. Preliminary investigation based on a case study is used to illustrate the application of a conceptual model derived from a framework of seven building blocks of functionality and knowledge brokering functions. The case study result shows that the knowledge brokering function is of knowledge management in nature consisting of identity, conversation, sharing, relationships and reputation functionalities. The use of functionality framework serves as a basis to better understand how social media activities can be facilitated to achieve a higher level of knowledge brokering activity. Future research is proposed to analyse the proposed conceptual model in a larger scale in terms of sample size and to develop guidelines and strategies for effective deployment of knowledge brokering activities on the social media platform.