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Taiwan Executive Yuan promote eHealth, as one of the six emerging industries that Taiwan Executive Yuan would fully support and allocate budget. According to the World Health Organization, eHealth is the delivery and support of health care components through the use of information and communications technology. Top down to eHealth operations in one of the Taiwan Island wide Hospitals, ChuShang Show Chwan Hospital, the current trend can be as follows: patient-centric activities and processes, customized solutions, the focus of wellness, inclusion of individuals and families in the decision-making processes, and the focus of service quality.

Although previous studies have discussed information and communications technology usage in eHealth, the use of information and communications technology is not the only feature of eHealth. The corresponding service features should also be taken into consideration. From the service organization’s perspective, a service must be designed with an appropriate mix of physical and non-physical components. It is important to know the critical features of a service in order to design appropriate eHealth services. Accordingly, we aim to discover the service features in eHealth that are valued by customers through a case study of ChuShang Show Chwan Hospital. We adopt the concept of symbolic adoption to do this research. We propose that the identification of service features should be differentiated based on different stages of adoption as different service features may have different focuses and utilities. Thus, in this research, we are interested in clarifying service features that have impacts on symbolic adoption, trial, and use adoption. The results can help healthcare organizations to design different strategies to take care of patients in different adoption stages.

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