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Since outsourcing strategy of information systems has become one of the key businesses for tourist hotels in Taiwan. This paper tried to analyze the hotels’ outsourcing strategies by exploring current information system statuses and requirements of 69 tourist hotels and comparing to past research findings. Results of this research reveal that most tourist hotels chose business outsourcing (18.84%) and total outsourcing (71.01%) as their strategies. In addition, operational systems on front fields and automatic systems on back offices are denoted as the most outsourcing information systems. On the other hand, small scale hotels took the strategy of total outsourcing and large scale hotels preferred to choose the strategy of business outsourcing. Hence, this research suggested that the tourist hotels could outsource information systems with basic competition technologies to reduce cost and invest more on core competition information systems to ensure long-term market strength. High level management systems on back fields are still insufficient to support current hoteliers and must be developed by tourist hotels themselves.