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E-government websites have become very important tools for governments and citizens for providing and receiving information and services such as tax payment, registration for driver license, e-learning and many others. In order to make sure that information is adequately presented through E-government websites, it is necessary for governments to adopt a mechanism for validating websites to effectively publishing and disseminating of information online. In this study, a Heuristic Evaluation method was extended with Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Diffusion of Innovation (DOI), Trust and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to produce a new method to evaluate government websites. The study outcome has produced a set of 18 Heuristic rules for evaluating government websites, using Lao government websites as a case study. The results have indicated that most of Lao government websites need to pay more attention to these factors such as: Trust, Ease of Use, Service, Awareness, Usefulness, Style, Navigation and Flexibility.