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Web service discovery is an important part of Web service applications. With the increase of the Web services, there come the problems that we must face to. The technology of traditional Web service discovery is based on the matching foundation of key words by combining WSDL and UDDI standardization. However, it is short of the description of semantic information, which means a low level of intelligence. Thus, it leads to low exactness and completeness. In the light of this issue, the paper draws the concept of semantic information into the research of Web service discovery. Through WordNet, it expands service description, raises semantic information, and makes semantic match possible. The paper puts forward a model based on semantic for Web service discovery, analyzes the function structure and the relationship between component parts of the model, moreover, it describes the work flow of the model. At the same time, the paper enlarges UDDI information and gives a matching algorithm on the similarity calculation through semantic analysis when finding the matched service.