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Clients who adopt data outsourcing services tend to store their data in the media provided by the services providers. While through data analysis, author found that there’re no reliable promises in data securities as the services providers could not assure that the outsourced information won’t be disclosed by some third parties. Such as natural disasters 、some emergencies or crimes committed by in-house staffs and so on. Which means that if the information is stored in clear text, the risk of that the data might be disclosed or interpolated will always exists. Therefore, author point out that only when data stored in the cipher text form and the process of encryption/ decryption is managed by the users could guarantee the data real security and privacy. So it comes to the study of “efficiency, technology and the independence” in database outsourcing services when the users have to encryption and decryption by themselves. Based on the research and analysis of the problem, this paper tries to driving the solution of implementation strategy and methods.