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IT Governance provides a business focus to enable alignment between business and IT objectives at high level COBIT framework and focused on IT operational levels, ITIL standard. COBIT and ITIL are not mutually exclusive and can be combined to provide a powerful IT governance, control and best-practice framework in IT service management. So ITIL business-IT strategic alignment perspective could be improved using COBIT framework. Focusing on COBIT processes which support (primarily and secondarily) strategic alignment, in this paper, first, we map COBIT 4.1 to ITIL v3 to identify how ITIL cover COBIT control objectives. Furthermore, based on control objectives which are not completely addressed by ITIL processes, the opportunities to improvement in ITIL strategic alignment activities, functionalities, and relationships are identified. Consequently, appropriate and adequate practices to improve strategic alignment approach of ITIL v3 are proposed.