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A survey for success factors of Web application development reveals that development methodologies, tools, and techniques are not considered as important by developers for the success of Web application development. Rapid application prototyping, ERD (entity relationship diagram), program flowchart, and application framework are more highly regarded than the object-oriented tools such as use case diagram, class diagram, object diagram, and sequence diagram. Developers focus more on maintainability and scalability than end users and management for evaluating the success of Web application development. Ambiguous user requirements, scope creeping, and lack of success metrics are evaluated as the most important issues for the failure of Web application development. Research results also indicate that developers need more help in communication, management, and control than the technology aspects of the development process. The overall findings point to flexible, simple, proven, participative, and management-oriented methodologies, tools, and techniques to address ambiguous and changing user requirements in the next generation development approaches for Web applications.