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Semantic web is becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s an opportune moment to look at the field’s current state and future opportunities. However, most researchers focus on only one single service recommend from semantic web inference. In some situations, the Multi-Services which are combined many complex services from various service providers are better than single service. The designed Multi-Services Semantic Search System (MS4), which provides the cooperation web-based platform for all related mobile users and service providers, could strengthen the ability of Multi-Services suggestion. In this research, MS4 chooses the adaptable airflight as a case study. MS4 is a five-components system composed of the Mobile Users (MUs), UDDI Registries (UDDIRs), Service Providers (SPs), Semantic Web Services Server (SWSS), and Database Server (DS). Using SOA, OWL-S to build semantic web environment to inference user’s requirements and search various web services which are published in UDDI through the communication networks include internet and 3G/GPRS/GSM mobile networks. In this airline case, we propose the Adaptive Airflights Inference Module (AAIM) combined QoS-Based Services Selected Method (QBSSM) using Ant Colony System (ACS) to reference the adaptable airflights to MUs.