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In the majority of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementations customers have been ignored with CRM either being viewed solely as a technology initiative [1] or with organizations focusing only on internal process improvements [2]. While many authors have argued the individual importance of either a technology focus or the importance of the customer relationship, this paper proposes that the appropriate CRM Strategy will vary depending on how the organization is aligned with their customers.

It is proposed that a modified version of the Strategic Alignment Model originally proposed by Henderson & Venkatraman [3] is appropriate for evaluating organizational CRM Strategic Alignment with their customers. By evaluating alignment along two key CRM dimensions, Technological Centricity and Relational Centricity, four strategic quadrants are created. By identifying the organizations current position on the strategic map quadrants and then mapping the location within the quadrants that their customers wish to be engaging the company the degree of CRM Alignment with the customer is identified. If areas of misalignment are identified, then the organization can follow the appropriate strategy to achieve alignment.