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This article draws on a phenomenological study of consumer resale behavior in consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce. We developed a taxonomy to describe consumer online resale behavior using the dimensions of ―planned‖ or ―unplanned resell‖ and ―used‖ or ―unused products‖ in order to examine the relationship between consumers’ reselling and purchasing behavior. We named the four consumer resale types as 1) resale of extra purchase, 2) resale after temporary ownership, 3) unintentional resale, and 4) disposition. Further, we implemented consumer interviews to empirically examine our taxonomy. Three major implications are derived. Firstly, consumer resale behavior influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. Secondly, consumer unsatisfied resale experience would damage brand image and decrease consumers’ willingness to repurchase. Finally, the motivations and behavior of consumer resale behavior are multidimensional.