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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service industry, especially the mobile service market, has been one of the core growth engines for Korean economy during the last decades. However, ICT service market is currently experiencing severe stagnation mainly due to the saturation in customer expenditure. Until recently, a technology intensive approach has been playing a critical role in terms of ICT service development in Korea. However, limitations in this technology based method have been exposed with respect to locating and addressing dynamic and in-depth user needs and demands. Various ICT services have been introduced into the market in accordance with the technology intensive approach; however, there is only the mere presence of success in fulfilling user satisfaction. Thus, nowadays, a user value-driven approach is widely gaining attention as a substitute or/and complement to conventional methods. In fact, user value-driven approach is not a brand new idea; it has been broadly practiced in many none-ICT relevant fields, however, as for ICT industry, user-driven approach is still in early stage of the adoption. Therefore, the major research question of this study is to explore user’s hidden needs and demands and consider appropriate methods to apply them into ICT service developments.