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The circulation of agricultural products is more complex and uncertainty than that of industrial products. The distribution channels of agricultural products are quite unique. The agricultural products logistics directly affect the efficiency of china’s economy since agriculture is still main part of the economy. At the same time, with the development of information technology, e-business has affected people’s daily life and brought great challenge to the traditional logistics of agricultural products. It is urgent to study the distribution pattern of agricultural products logistics under the circumstance of e-business. In fact, the platform of e-business provides a new approach for rationally deploying agricultural products. The agricultural products logistics system can be optimized based on the e-business-based distribution model. In this paper, we will focus on the logistics patterns and models of e-business-based agricultural products. After discussing the characteristics of the e-business-based logistics system, the model of logistics distribution based on electronic data interchange (EDI) and dynamic allocation mechanism will be presented. Considering the specific processes of agricultural products logistics, we depicted a framework called e-business logistics management (EBLM) model, which can integrate e-business functions and distribution functions. Finally, we will discuss the implementation strategy of EBLM.