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Electronic commerce has been changing the operation models of firms to adjust the ever more competitive environment in the the commercial field, and the new ones of cooperation amonge firms have been formed by it. In the globalized electronic commerce, the old and traditional models of supply chain management have fade away by being failed to fill the needs in the electronic commerce, and the new models of, therefore, should be created. Firms strive to adapt their supply chains to the electronic commerce, and they need to decide how much and in what sequence they will be investing in various supply chain efforts to leverage the benefits of the new technology. In this paper three main aspects are described. First, based on the present a comprehensive definition of supply chain managemen,relevant characters of it that have risen to the importance with the prevalence of electronic commerce are provided. By using the universal criteria in the Internet, the information in many directions being flowed has been already realized, so, the commercial partners can build a automatic and integral supply chain, and the chain can operate as a whole. Second, the stratigies of implementing suply chain management are discussed. By applying the supply chain management in electronic commerce, the time of communication between companies has been shorten; the nicety has been realized; and the effeciency of stock and conveyance has been greatly improved. Moreover, by integrating multi-enterprise, the implementations of concurrent engineering and inventory-reinforce plan have been allowed.