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The awareness of the scarcity of literature in EAI adoption in the public sector led to the current study of an investigation into the factors that influenced the adoption of EAI in an Australian electricity company. Using a case study approach and qualitative methods, data was collected through semi-structured interviews with five informants from different aspects of the EAI project. Data analysis was conducted using the grounded theory, resulting in 24 themes, which were then categorized into three broad themes of environmental influence, current problems and perceived benefits. These themes were taken as factors that contributed to the decision making of the EAI project of the case company. The informants considered environmental change as the trigger for the adjustment of the case organization’s strategy. However, they all shared the view that the adoption of EAI was the consequence of a clear identification of the strategic positioning of the organization, the understanding of existing inhibitors and the awareness of the benefits of a chosen technology.