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The provision of e–business services is supported by the implementation of value chains based on co-operation between firms combining different resources and capabilities in order to design, produce and market new products and services. The emergence of such value chains is characterised by the positioning of various players according to their specific resources and capabilities, whether they be existing or new firms. Our interest, by combining insights from the Resource-Based View and other perspectives, is to analyse according to what resources are necessary for actors to be able to successfully position themselves on a value chain, with a particular focus on relational assets, in the specific Video On Demand sector (VOD). This case is particularly relevant to show the structuring of a new value chain around new and “traditional” stakeholders. We shall first define the specific features of the movie industry. Secondly, we shall then present on the VOD value chain. Then we analyse how a company (called Moviesystem) has positioned itself on VOD value chain thanks to its specific resources and capabilities. We shall conclude by drawing general lessons from this case.