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Most of existing mobile services were designed based on the client/server architecture. Those mobile services neither paid much attention to mobile users’ interactions with their environments nor considered the cooperation efforts between the mobile users in a dynamic peer group. In this paper, the notion of ambient e-services is defined to identify a new scope of mobile e-services. The notable features of ambient e-services are the exhilarated linkage based on social context and significantly rapid growth of connections. We also present an ambient e-service framework that characterizes ambient e-services with three dimensions (value stack, environment stack and technology stack). We exemplify several ambient e-service applications, which rest on the mobile peer-to-peer technology and ambient context aware sensors environments. Ambient e-services make a mobile user not only connect to dynamic ambient environments but also build channels that connect with other mobile users in the nearby surrounding environment, capitalizing dynamic environmental values as well as dynamic social values. Lastly, we identify for ambient e-services certain important issues worthy of future intensive research.