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In spite of the rapid growth of mobile multimedia contents market, most of the customers experience inconvenience, lengthy search processes and frustration in searching for the specific multimedia contents they want. These difficulties are attributable to the current mobile Internet service method based on inefficient sequential search. To overcome these difficulties, this paper proposes a MOBIle COntents Recommender System for Movie (MOBICORS-Movie), which is designed to reduce customers’ search efforts in finding desired movies on the mobile Internet. MOBICORS-Movie consists of three agents: CF (Collaborative Filtering), CBIR (Content-Based Information Retrieval) and RF (Relevance Feedback). These agents collaborate each other to support a customer in finding a desired movie by generating personalized recommendations of movies. To verify the performance of MOBICORS-Movie, the simulation-based experiments were conducted. The experiment results show that MOBICORS-Movie significantly reduces the customer’s search effort and can be a realistic solution for movie recommendation in the mobile Internet environment.