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Due to the advent of the Internet, electronic business transactions have exploded around the globe. Along with the Internet, wireless technology has exponentially developed as well. Today, new technologies that allow mobile (cellular) phones and other handheld devices to access the Internet have made wireless business transactions possible. This phenomenon is known as mobile commerce or M-Commerce. It has been predicted that the number of mobile phones connected to the mobile Internet will exceed the number of Internet-connected PCs before 2007. The mobile phone will therefore become the most prevalent device for accessing the Internet. Several industry analysts predict that Mcommerce will constitute a multibillion dollar business by 2005. However, M-Commerce brings new challenges in providing information security as information travels through multiple networks often across wireless links. What must be done to secure financial transactions via mobile commerce? Generally speaking, M-Commerce creates more security concerns than traditional E-Commerce. In this paper, security measures in M-Commerce, wireless security, and the application of cryptography for key generation, authentication, digital signature and digital certificate are discussed.