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Although enthusiasm for the “killer-application” in the mobile sector has decreased, location based services still seem to be valuable mobile services. Today’s location based services are mostly forced to use the proprietary location information provided by mobile network operators. The approach that is discussed here depicts a way of locating a mobile client independently from certain network operators and in heterogeneous networks. The Location Trader system collects and provides location information for users and providers of location based services. The accumulated interaction of each user of the user community enables to generate reliable location information in the Location Trader database. This paper prepares the groundwork for modeling the core principles of unintended value co-production with the Location Trader System. We intend to focus our analysis on the Location Trader System resp. Services, as the phenomenon of value co-production is widespread because of low coordination costs for integration and transactions enabled by immateriality and potential automation of business and transaction processes. The focus of this paper is the simulation of the user integration based on the theoretical basis.