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In the recent decades, the privatizations of state-owed enterprises have becoming a global trend. There are many nations privatized their infrastructure and services, such as gas, electricity, water, railway, sewerage… etc. However, the privatized monopoly enterprises have achieved the fruit of super-profit; the general public began to question the effectiveness of the privatization towards to the newly created monopoly enterprises. So the regulations of the public utilities required immediate attentions from government. The main objective of this research is to review on literature on the privatization of the monopoly enterprises through its procedures and investigate whether the government required to apply necessary regulations onto it. As a result, the governments of the developed nations are relying on the effective control to create more economic benefits. At last, this research would combine all the regulating models used in the developed nations and may use as a reference to any government or who else required such relevant findings towards to privatization in their nations.