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In recently years, the government, academia and business have applied different information technologies to disaster prevention and diverse web sites have been developed. Although these web sites provide a large number of data about disaster-prevention, they are knowledge poor in nature. Furthermore, disaster-prevention is a knowledge-intensive task and a potential knowledge management system can overcome the shortcoming of knowledge poor. On the other hand, ontology design plays the key role toward designing a successful knowledge management system. In this paper, we introduce a three-stage life cycle for ontology design for supporting the service of disaster prevention of debris flow and propose a framework of an ontology-based knowledge management system with the KAON API environment. In addition, by appealing to the technology of component reuse, the system is developed at lower cost thus knowledge workers can focus on the design of ontology and knowledge objects. The objectives of the proposed system is to facilitate knowledge accumulation, knowledge reuse and dissemination for the management of disaster prevention. This work is expected to enable the promotion of the traditional disaster management of debris flow towards the so-called knowledge-driven decision support services.