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The advent of the digital economy and Electronic Commerce (EC) can be seen not as the development of existing commerce but rather as a new commerce pattern caused by Internet technology. There are many possible definitions of EC, but in this research we consider the definition of EC as the buying and selling of information, products, and services via Internet. The application of EC is diffusing into various areas such as merchandising, finance, education, advertising, entertainment and government. To better understand the shaping process of EC and to predict the direction of further diffusion, the growth stage model of EC is required. It is difficult to find a growth stage model in relation to EC. Therefore, in this study, we divide the EC into a series phases, then develop a model explaining the shaping process of EC, regarding major domains of EC such as economic, social, political and technical. To provide a theoretical basis for the growth stage model of the EC, we consider existing literatures about information systems, organization and industry life cycle and then suggest a growth stage model reflecting major characteristics of EC. The growth stage model of EC developed in this research can not only predict the direction of EC growth, but can also provide a useful model as guideline to organizations in planning EC. Key Words: Digital Economy, Electronic Commerce Growth Stage Model, Shaping Process, EC Planning