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This paper attempts to integrate concepts of framing, uncertainty expression, and negotiations to build a framework for influencing factors of pricing for organizational procurement and empirically explore it. System requirements based on the framework is analyzed by UML in building an E-Learning simulated system for novices of purchasing via hints from knowledge collected from veterans of procurement. Framework for negotiation of organizational market is built based on literature review of organizational negotiation and in-depth interviews with several top procurement representatives of Taiwanese high technology companies. Popular verbal terms using in purchasing area for possibility frequency and quantity are collected and analyzed, hypotheses for subjective estimation vs. verbal expressions under different types of market conditions, distributive bargaining vs. integrative negotiation, and risk choice framing are tested. The quantitative and qualitative data are collected to construct a verbal model for managerial decision-making on the organizational market. Findings on patterns of verbal expression among purchasing personnel with different backgrounds and risk attitudes might be useful for building a data bank in e-negotiation between buyer and seller. Also the relationship between framing, personal risk attitudes and efficiency and preference of pricing decision for an organizational procurement are proposed to assist the trades between industries.