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The challenges of the global marketplace are increasingly forcing today's process-centered organizations to utilize the knowledge, capabilities, and resources to be found within their information processing networks. The issue of whether or not companies should exploit their intangible knowledge assets is far more critical than their ability to invest and manage their existing physical assets. Under this paradigm shift, information-oriented productivity depends on the sharing of knowledge and skills among workers, so that enterprise strategies can be driven by the collective intelligence and competence of the group to face today’s business challenges and enable organizational learning. Management of organizational knowledge to create business values and competitive advantages is critical towards the organizational development. This paper focuses on the transformation of an enterprise information-processing network into a knowledge network for supply chain co-evolution. The ultimate goal is to develop a technological framework for a knowledge network that brings people, information, technologies, business processes, and organizational strategies together to better utilize knowledge in e-business. A knowledge network is introduced to enhance collaboration, encourage innovation, boost productivity, achieve adaptivity, and increase the information system efficiency. In tomorrow’s enterprises, knowledge will be the key to release creative energies that will inspire enormous innovations and great discoveries!