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Empowerment has been an evolving construct for many years and is identified as one of the factors contributing to affective outcomes in the workplace such as increased worker effectiveness, satisfaction and performance. Prior research has generated considerable knowledge on empowerment from management and non-management perspectives. The adoption and implementation of integrated enterprise systems (commonly known as ERP systems), have resulted in dramatic changes in organisational processes. The implementation strategies focus on mapping processes and training end users in using the system but do not appear to focus on engaging the users in the change process. Perhaps the concepts of user empowerment as a focal point of the change management process could improve the successful use of such complex systems. This research program seeks to define the concepts of user empowerment, develop, measure and validate the constructs of user empowerment in an enterprise systems context. In addition, the program will study the correlation of user empowerment with enterprise systems success. The research alludes to several ways that user empowerment influences the enterprise systems success. Organisations need to understand that there are critical human factors involved in a successful implementation and thereby a successful Enterprise System.