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Internet advertising allows marketers to reach the mass market like any other medium that has preceded it. The two-way dialogue in the Internet permits the personalisation of messages making the promotion element of the marketing mix the component that has the greatest potential for transformation. Companies use a multitude of methods to advertise on the Internet the most common of which is the banner Ad. It is believed that when consumers like an advertisement about a brand they develop positive brand attitudes and willingness to buy the brand. A positive attitude towards a brand appears to improve the consumer’s ability to recall the brand. Extending the paradigm of attitude towards the Ad to e-commerce Bruner and Kumar (2000) proposed that attitude towards the web site is positively associated with attitude towards the Ad, the brand and purchase intentions.

This study, therefore, was designed to discern the features of quality web sites, the advantages and disadvantages of web advertising, the influence of web sites on attitudes towards Internet Ads, and Ad recall. Focus groups and a questionnaires administered to 254 respondents were used to gather the required information.

The findings of the study, which include the quality features of web sites that encourage web surfer revisits, the advantages and disadvantages of Internet advertising, the effect of Internet advertising on brand evaluations and Ad recall, are discussed.