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By Internet age arrived, collaborative commerce has completely changed business environment and model. Collaborative Marketing (CM) has continuously growing in a seemingly unabated fashion worldwide. The enterprise competitive condition has completely changed into global competitive environment within supply chain. In addition, this study provides an appreciation of the emergence and content of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) that widely used by industry and commerce in the US and UK. Systems intervention is one main stream of systems thinking in England. In order to build a systemic approach of IMC, this research examines systems intervention to see what it can contribute to CM and IMC for enterprises. This study examines how CM can help IMC through identifying key customer knowledge sources, hence, marketing and advertising would be based on a single global campaign, with only minor adjustments for local markets. The aims of this paper are to explore the role of customer knowledge sources within collaborative IMC and develop a conceptual framework to further suggest better solution for IMC collaboration.

Taking beauty enterprise as an example, this research focuses on CKM (Customer Knowledge Management), CM, IMC and systems intervention to design the questionnaire for 120 companies. There were 8 available responses from 60 collaborative partners in Taiwan and 19 available responses from 60 collaborative partners in China (Return rate 22.5%). This paper identifies the difference of knowledge sources, CM, IMC and systems intervention between Taiwan and China in a leading beauty enterprise and finds out that CM has significant effect on IMC that could be used for IMC planning in the future