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E-Learning is burgeoning now, it develops a new way to enhance corporate competence effectiveness. Why should corporations investigate in an e-Learning system for e-Business ? Because it provides a real-time and supporting learning environment for e-Business. In addition to be a profitable learning system, it can also be connected to ERP and CRM systems to generate an integrated solution for e-Business.

It lists the differences and barriers between traditional training and e-Learning. Although there are barriers, corporations still get their own reasons for setting it up. It lists the learning needs from different stakeholders. It introduces an example of LMS-LCMS integration in a learning ecosystem from IDC, and is followed by procedures to be taken to construct it.

Strategies should be correctly set and e-Learning project plans should be well defined and implemented. Success and challenge factors are also discussed to advise project leaders motivation and shortcoming elements of an e-Learning system. By calculating the e-Learning ROI, corporations can adjust their e-Learning strategies in order to keep a flexible management.