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Electronic commerce is viewed as a more and more important issue for the rapid growth of online commercial activities. The books, having the properties of numerous categories, low unit price, and the convenience of delivering, have become the major products on line. So the online bookshops are appropriate for study to find out the key successful factors of Internet business. We first conduct twice Delphi to confirm several factors that are important to success in Internet business and there are 32 factors to be chosen. We then calculate the relative weigh of each factor with the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and select 14 factors having the highest weight to be the key successful factors of Internet business. These 14 factors in order of weight include the ability of managing the business change, filling the Place with Entrepreneurs and growing with them, the ability of managing the customer relationship, targeting the right customers, the price can react to market quickly, building the knowledge management systems, excellent sever ice after payment, building distribution center to develop unbeatable logistics, the ability of managing the cost, offering Great Value, the ability of marketing by database, building the goodwill and brand image, getting the trust of virtual community and maintain it continually, and the ability of developing the technology.