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A comprehensive view of the world E-business development in the past year shows that, in spite of the turndown of the net economy for the past year and that the term “E-business” is even used by many media to represent “Foam Economy”. But within some high-tech companies as well as some conventional industries under reconstruction, “Mouse Plus Concrete”, another model of E-business, is now showing brand new value. Meanwhile, some conventional enterprises in the mainland are also brewing further breakthroughs in E-business in order to take the win of the coming market competition. As for the conversion of the enterprises, the model of E-business in North American countries like USA and Canada is undoubtedly the example and forerunner for domestic enterprises. In this background, the article, via a research of new situation of E-business development in North America as well as typical cases of its application in the enterprise, is intended to analyze and sum up the application characteristics and accordingly, the pressing demand for E-business as well as reasoning and measures of E-business development in enterprises.