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A silent revolution is taking place in the global service industry, including a lot of enterprises in tourist industry, affecting the way companies are managed and operated in a progressively deregulated economic environment. This is the yield management, which originated from the airline industry and is used by many different kinds of tourist enterprises.

This paper is dedicated to study the yield management in tourist industry, especially taking the Chinese tourist enterprises as the example. The fact that yield management is not understood well by so many tourist companies is the reason why this paper is written. The character of being intangible, vulnerable and its particular cost structure are the most important reason for tourist enterprise to apply yield management. When studying the current situation of tourist enterprises in China, some problems facing these enterprises have been found, including that many tourist enterprises do not practice marketing segmentation properly, the particular cost structure do not influence the revenue management, and so on. Finally, the paper describes in detail how to solve problems mentioned through using yield management. Three elements are interdependent, that is, understanding the problems involved, the important principle of yield management application and the process of practicing yield management.