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A modern business organization is increasingly dependent on smooth and reliable flows of data and information, both laterally and vertically, and both within and across its boundaries. Therefore, managing data should be viewed as an element of a fundamental corporate process. Information systems investments aim at enabling and supporting these processes. Investment decisions, again, originate from organizational strategies that need to be aligned with IT strategies, for systems to enable and support business processes. The topic of our enquiry is the planning and decision-making of those systems that qualify as strategic.

We have created an extended framework to cover strategic, tactical and operational levels of planning and decision-making, also focusing on related control, communication, benefits management, and follow-up activities. Our research approach is a single case study method using a multinational financial services company. The investment is a Web Content Management (WCM) system that the company wishes to deploy in a unified, centralized manner throughout the business and geographical areas with the intention of reaping synergy effects. In the paper we enumerate our observations on the strategic planning process, decision-making, control and communication.