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Anhui Tobacco Corporation (ATC) is a large state-owned group corporation. After a long period of planned economy system, ATC is not suit for marketing economy. With rigid management method, bad service and high trade cost, ATC is weak in competition. Shortly after 1-year’s construction, ATC built up an E-commerce platform which has the largest bargain and perfectly combines the traditional industry with modern information technology. The information system is based on a network connecting all the subordinate factories, branches and wholesale center. It is centered by e-business, including e-commerce platform, centralized fund management system, and ERP for manufacturing factories and MIS for sales firms will be applied later. Since the platform went into operation in Oct.,2001,an average of thousand boxes of cigarette has been dealt. Up to March,2002, the trading fund amounts to 400 million yuan. This figure is forecasted to be one billion in 2002. At the same time, income grows rapidly. The allot income increases 24% compared with the same period last year; wholesale increases 14%, profit increases 21%. Information system must service the strategy target, and be driven by management innovation. The success is due to idea renewing, leadership, organization and Training from beginning to end.