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Companies are adopting Internet-based electronic services (E-services) attracting customers, sharing of business information, maintaining business relationships and conducting business transactions. Companies in the earlier stages of employing E-services have little information and knowledge on its potential organizational and relational impacts. Through few years practice of E-services, companies have obtained related knowledge. They urgently need to assess the costs to move service online against the benefits received via adopting E-service, and identify the impact of E-service adoption in companies’ relationships with their customers as a result of innovative use of E-services.

The initial objective of the research is to explore the relationships between cost factors, benefit factors and customer satisfaction for an E-service application. A further objective is to find a potential path for developing a customer oriented E-service application from its current implementation through identifying the types of changes taking place in the service functions and operations as a result of increased use of E-services. Though conducting a survey, this paper, as a stage report of the project, presents a research framework for E-service evaluation, identifies main cost and benefit factors of E-service and analyses the relationships between these factors. Finally, a cost benefit relationship model is proposed.