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The mobile Internet exits already in very many forms on the market. However, there are definitely still a lot of possibilities to improve the current concepts and solution, and thus a lot of room for future R&D activities. This paper is divided five parts as followings: First of all, introduction; Secondly, the basic concept of mobile Internet is introduced, and its’ develop- ment status is described simply; Thirdly, the process of come into being M-commerce based on Internet and the existing modes of M-commerce are discussed respectively; the differences between E-commerce and Mcommerce are also shown in the paper; Fourthly, an M-commerce system model is presented, the model involves its’ basic elements such as hierarchical architecture, management mechanism, system decision-making, application procedure etc; Fifthly, development trend and application fields for coming the new economics times are forecasted; Finally, how to build a M-commerce management system and make applications for business via CERNET** (one of the biggest Internet platform in China) are introduced primarily in end of the paper.