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The research paper focuses on the development of a generic framework and architecture for building an integrated end-to-end security infrastructure and closedloop solution to secure e-commerce and m-commerce. As an integral component, an intelligent decision support mechanism is developed in helping systems designers and managers make architectural, design, implementation, and deployment decisions on employing particular security solutions to issues and requirements arising in various e-commerce and m-commerce scenarios. In addition, this research identifies the key features, options and benefits of several security technologies as well as provide guidelines in managing the costs and complexities involved in the deployment of those security solutions. As an important groundwork for building a prototype based on the proposed research work, a study has been conducted to investigate the current B2B ecommerce operations between Pratt & Whitney (P&W) [15] (a division of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) [17]) and its partnering e-business and supply chain players in the aviation industry.