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Electronic business is rapidly popularized and extended through Internet. Internet has many security weaknesses, so we need the security solution such Intrusion Detection System that minimizes the damage of hacking and responds the intrusion dynamically. It is difficult for legacy management system to process the security environments and electronic business, because legacy system lacks of security policies and integrated security methods. In order to resolve these problems, we need security management system that has standard security policy, consulting, diagnosis, maintenance, and repair function. In this paper, we design and implement Web-based security management for intrusion detection. Our security system consists of network nodes, general hosts and a management node. A management node manages a network node, that is a secure router, and general hosts by security policies. We design the channel between the management node and the network node using IPsec (IP Security). We have applied java and Web to implementing user interface of security system. As the proposed system makes use of Web, security management system is easily accessed through the Web.