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Taiwanese mobile telecom industry encounters the difficult of operation and management due to the dispersing of mobile stations and telecommunication system in different areas. Therefore it is the important policy for mobile telecom that how to draft an effective operation method and to drop the cost of management and human resource.

The aim of this research is to study the operation and management cost reduction of the telecom industry through the supervisor control and data acquisition (SCADA) system application during globalization, privatization and liberalization competition. Yet this management system can be proposed functions: prevent faults, eliminating faults fast, operating monitor and to drop the cost of management.

Through literature and empirical analysis, the author found that the SCADA system is applied in telecom industry and mobile stations in Taiwan, the operation and management characteristics can be proposed as follows: (1) Macro Mobile Stations (2) Multi-Task and Multi-User (3) Line/ Modem, OA- LAN stability (4) Real time control program (5) System redundant.

Results indicated that the SCADA system has been highly willing to mobile and telecom industry in the development of power supply quality and to drop the operation and management cost. Also this research aims at measuring the benefit on SCADA system applications in mobile stations and to provide decision-makers and managers with useful operation and management strategies as reference.

Finally, the author suggests that the further research shall focus on the processing equipment characteristics and the management characteristics of other industry with large power demand. It is also desired that a feasible useful management strategy is developed to assist the other industry customer to reduce operation and management cost and to increase the competitive capability.