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Venture capitalists typically require that you can explain the business model in the time it takes the lift to get to the tenth floor. Implementation typically takes years. There is a disproportionate large amount of focus on what constitutes an innovative new business model compared to implementation since most e-business failures are attributed to failures in implementation. Obviously, there is a significant lack of knowledge of factors leading to successful implementation among those responsible for practical implementation of e-business models. E-business models or IT-systems for inter-organizational purposes cannot be implemented exclusively following the traditional guidelines in the IS/IT literature. Development methods are very different from earlier, there are many more stakeholders, and the environment is much more dynamic.

The paper suggests a framework highlighting important implementation factors derived from four different disciplines; venture capitalist experiences, business process reengineering, diffusion theory and system development.

The contribution of the paper is a classification of implementation factors in a framework that identifies the technological, the organizational, and the market related factors relevant for implementation of e-business models.