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With the entry into the WTO, China has made a lot of progress in its e-business. However, there are still some barriers that limit the development of e-business in China. One of the most difficult hurdles might be the fragile online payment system. According to The first DHL Global E-commerce Report, in mature Internet countries, online payment is no longer a problem. For instance, six out of 10 companies in the US (60%), Australia (61%) and Finland (58%) say payment is not a barrier to ecommerce. But less mature markets including China consider payment a barrier. This paper mainly discusses the payment barrier to B2C Business in China, and then forwards some suggestions on how to remove those barriers on the basis of analyzing the case of BOLChina—A successful B2C model from Germany. Also, some conclusions are given to make it more clear that China should break the ice of payment barriers on the way to the bright future of its e-business.